It felt like love & drugs

18. Sweden.


i dont get how some people can just sit down and then just do an essay just write it and do it and then its done??? and then they continue on with their lives maybe drink a glass of juice and have a lil snack and their essay is done and they did it by just sitting there and doing it????

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This photo is from Magdalena W. photography. Only my edit. Please don’t delete this for this is the only way to put a credit .
the typical instagrammer  (at in the sun ☀️)


lifes too short to pretend to hate pop music

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I’m very happy about life at the moment because I’m about to go to sleep which is the best part of the day and then tomorrow I’m skyping with my friend from Australia and I’m gonna tell her all about London!!! and then I just have the rest of the day to do whatever